Proud Houstonian. World Traveler. Nerd.

I am an Information Technology enthusiast with a focus on public and private cloud infrastructure. I hold current certifications from CompTIA,  VMware, and Azure. I am currently focused on improving my knowledge of cloud automation tools and DevOps. I have attended and spoken at various IT forums including EDUCAUSE and the Mississippi Education Computing Association Conference (MECA). Additionally, I work to help others in the field by leading study groups, writing in this blog, and planning meetups.

I am also an avid world traveler with a love of new cities and countries. I always try to visit a couple of new places every year. Moreover, I am a lover of learning about the local culture and language. I am an intermediate Spanish speaker, can speak halting Portuguese, and know enough words to get me in trouble in a few other languages.

Contact me: [email protected]

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